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Southam Primary School Charter

Southam Primary School Charter


During their time at Southam Primary School, we will ensure that every child will:


  1. Learn to play an instrument

  2. Learn to swim

  3. Visit a farm

  4. Visit London and understand why it is our capital city

  5. Visit the seaside

  6. Build a sandcastle

  7. Jump over waves

  8. Walk bare foot on the sand

  9. Watch a theatre production

  10. Have our art work displayed at an art gallery

  11. Take part in a performance in front of an audience

  12. Take part in a residential trip

  13. Cook a meal

  14. Listen to live music

  15. Build a den

  16. Learn basic survival skills

  17. Sleep with dinosaurs

  18. Grow vegetables and fruit to make a meal or recipe

  19. Visit different places of worship

  20. Learn about different religions

  21. Learn to cycle safely

  22. Raise money for charity

  23. Visit a castle

  24. Sing in a choir

  25. Climb a tree

  26. Cook marshmallows over a camp fire

  27. Create wild art

  28. Work alongside an artist

  29. Meet an author

  30. Hunt for bugs

  31. Discover what is in a pond

  32. Find our way using a map and compass

  33. Meet people who live in a different country

  34. Learn to speak a different language

  35. Play Pooh sticks

  36. Go bird watching

  37. Touch different animals

  38. Meet our MP

  39. Represent Southam Primary School at an event

  40. Grow a plant from seed

  41. Create a sculpture

  42. Recognise different types of birds

  43. Recognise the leaves from different trees

  44. Bake a cake

  45. Be able to send an email and understand how to use the Internet safely

  46. Learn about local heritage

  47. Be able to name 5 favourite stories

  48. Make a snowman

  49. Take part in at least 5 different sports

  50. Learn to reduce and recycle

  • Southam Primary School
  • St James Road
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  • Warwickshire
  • CV47 0QB
  • Stowe Valley Multi Academy Trust
  • Registered Office: Southam College
  • Welsh Road
  • West Southam
  • Warwickshire
  • CV47 0JW
  • Registered in England No: 10445759.
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