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Keeping Our School Tidy Project

Dear Miss Longworth


The School Council have come up with an excellent idea.

We think that the school councillors could help Southam Primary School stay tidy by picking up litter around the school. For us to do this safely we would need some litter pickers, bin bags and several pairs of gloves.


We would like to start this as soon as possible ad were thinking that the play and lunch time period would be the appropriate time to do this.


We would like your pion on this idea and your support in helping us in providing the equipment required for the project.


Yours sincerely


Southam Primary School Council

Dear Southam Primary School Council


Thank you very much for the letter I received yesterday about your ideas for keeping our school clean and tidy.

I believe that it is everyone's responsibility to look after our school so I think your idea about litter picking is great.

You have listed the items that you need to carry out this activity. I have ordered you some new litter pickers- so hopefully they should arrive in a few days. If you talk to Mr Poole he will be able to get you some bin bags and Mrs Lucas will be able to sort some gloves out for you as we have a lot of gloves in the Forest School box.


I look forward to seeing you put your ideas in to actions!


Yours sincerely


Miss Longworth

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