At Southam Primary School we pride ourselves on the outstanding curriculum that we offer our children.


Children are at the heart of our school. Everything we do is aimed towards helping our children develop as individuals and to equip them for life in the future. Our purpose is to give each individual child every opportunity and encouragement to achieve their full potential intellectually and physically; to develop emotional, social, spiritual and moral values; and to become a valuable citizen.


Our curriculum design meets the needs of every child allowing them to ‘continue to get better. We promote imagination and creativity through a challenging curriculum where learning is durable and transferrable and children are encouraged to make connections, apply and reason. We recognise happy, calm confident learners are able to flourish and thrive. To encourage and promote these positive learning behaviours our learning traits (concentration, co-operation, curiosity, determination, enjoyment, imagination, practising and improving), emotional health and well-being embody the aims of our curriculum. Through immersion in these lifelong learning skills our children will have strong interpersonal and communication skills, which will enable them to become responsible and active members of our diverse society. 

Learning is rooted in the needs and context of our community and learners.  The foundations of our curriculum are rooted in quality first hand experiences, designed to secure knowledge and skills by encouraging all our learners to dive deeper in their learning so each individual grows and achieves their true potential.


Our curriculum intent focuses on sequencing and sense making which enables children to make links.

Our curriculum implementation- embedding knowledge through high impact teaching techniques that overcome the forgetting curve (Rosenshine).

Our curriculum impact focuses on what children know and can remember from what has been learnt.


Children are at the heart of everything that we do at Southam Primary School – we aim to give children an educational experience that they will always remember and will equip them to be lifelong learners.


To find out more about our curriculum please email or call 01926 812520 and we will be more than happy to discuss our curriculum with you. 

A Year In The Life of Southam Primary School 2023- 2024

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A Year In The Life Of Southam Primary School

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