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County Caterers Frequently Asked Questions

Warwickshire County Caterers


Q. We eat healthily at home so I don’t want my child eating too much processed food like shaped bread crumbed items.

A. We are committed to ensuring that our customers are encouraged to establish healthy eating habits at

Primary School and beyond.

Our menus are carefully balanced to offer food that children like but that are also of a high nutritional content, lower in saturated fats, sugar and salt and also incorporate; omega 3 essential fatty acids, UK sourced and organic meat products as well as Quorn – a healthier choice for non-meat eaters.

Where we do feature occasional bread crumbed items they are not shaped, always oven baked not deep-fried and do not contain any nasty E.numbers! We have also removed hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners and monosodium glutamate from all our menus.


Q. How do you ensure my child gets a balanced meal?

A. Our menu choice is broken down into food groups. Proteins like meat, fish and vegetarian main courses, plus carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, noodles, rice and breads (chips once per week only), a section for vegetables and salads, and a section for fruit and milk based puddings. Lastly drinks, which always include chilled water and sometimes, pure fruit juice drinks, milk or milkshake.


Because we are committed to ensuring that children increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables our standard menu includes a ‘starter’ course of fresh fruit and vegetable crudités which promote healthy eating habits and encourage children to try new foods. The choice menu offers a fruit platter, fruit salad or fruit wedges as a dessert option alongside the more traditional puddings with custard. All our menus offer a minimum of 2 portions of vegetables with every main meal.

Each child selects an item from every section thereby ensuring he/she has a balanced lunch.

Our menus meet the Government’s food based standards for school lunches and are also nutritionally

analysed to match the nutrient based standards.


Q. My child is a fussy eater and I am concerned that he/she won’t eat anything

A. As you would expect we have a lot of experience feeding children and whilst we often employ a bit of gentle persuasion, children are never asked to eat anything they don’t like.

Our catering staff always welcome parents who wish to discuss the needs of their child. Why not take a look at our menus and let us know what you think of the choices available?


Q. My child has a nut allergy, how will you make sure the food she eats is safe?

A. Everyday we provide lots of meals for children with special dietary needs such as wheat free, egg, milk, fish and nut allergies.

Awareness is the key so if your child has a need for a special lunch, contact the catering supervisor at your

child’s school, she will seek advice from our Development Team to establish which foods are safe and a

member of that team will always be happy to talk to you about your child’s individual needs if you have any questions.


Q. How much is a school lunch in my child’s Primary School?

A. The cost of school meals is set by each school. Please contact your school to find out how much they charge for meals.


Q. Are Halal and beef free alternatives available?

A. Halal alternatives are available in selected schools as appropriate; contact your child’s school for more

information. In schools with a high number of children who do not wish to eat beef, lamb is substituted in

dishes such as

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