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What Children at Southam Primary School Think About Their School …..

‘I love school and my friends.’

‘ I am lucky to be in this school.’

‘We have lovely teachers who have taught me and said that I am a pleasure to teach.'

‘Our school is a brilliant one. I have achieved so much here and the teachers are caring. I would have quit and got annoyed with everything I do if the teachers at Southam Primary School weren’t this good. I love my school and am confident and proud of my achievements.’

  ‘The kind and generous staff make me feel really safe and protected.’

‘We have more opportunities than other schools- sports, swimming, singing, plays.’

‘Teachers push you to be the best you can in every subject.’

‘Teachers are our friends and care about us.’

‘Teachers encourage me to work hard and improve my work.’

‘We learn loads and laugh.’


· School is enjoyable (97%)

· School keeps them safe (99%)

· Adults care about them (99%)

· Adults explain how they can improve their work (99%)

· Behaviour is good (99%)

· They learn a lot (98%)

· They are good learners (98%)


They would like us to….

Help them understand how well they are doing (92% of children feel that they already have a good understanding)


The School Council is now working with children and staff to find ways to further develop the strategies that we already have in place to ensure that all children understand how well they are doing.



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