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Autumn Term 1

Maths at Southam Primary School- Key Instant Recall Facts


It is really important that children develop a good understanding and knowledge of:


Multiplication tables

Number bonds

Doubling and halving

Addition and subtraction



To support children to ensure that they have a good understanding of these facts and are able to recall them quickly we are introducing Key Instant Recall Facts.


Each half term each year group will have a different focus. Parents will be given an information sheet detailing what the recall facts to be practised for that half term are and how they can support their child at home.


The focus for each year group this half term is:


Year 1 – Know the days of the week, months of the year and the seasons

Year 2- Know the number bonds for each number to 20

Year 3- Know the number bonds for all numbers to 20

Year 4- Know number bonds for each number to 100

Year 5- Know decimal number bonds to 1 and 100

Year 6- Know all the multiplication and division facts for all the tables up to 12 x 12

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