Who's Who

Head teacher- Miss Longworth

Deputy head teacher- Miss Startup

Reception classes-  Miss Hiles and Mrs Hindley

Year 1 Classes-  Miss Palmer and Miss Gill

Year 2 Classes- Mrs Morgan, Mrs McCubbin and Mrs Van Rensburg

Year 3 Classes- Mrs MacIvor, Mrs Boylan and Miss Dippie

Year 4 Classes- Mrs Heath, Miss Startup  and Mrs Gardner

Year Classes 5- Miss Lefebvre and Mrs Ciampa

Year 6 Classes- Miss Holmes and Mr Willis


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Lucas, Mrs Neal, Mrs Woodward,  Mrs Humphrey, Mrs Fennell, Mrs Dhanesh,                Mrs  Spence, Mrs Thompson,  Mrs Finney, Mrs Dowson, Mrs Mullen, Mrs Doherty,   Mrs Castle, Mrs Peters, Miss Cotton, Miss Deering, Miss Zola and Mrs Larkin


Lunchtime staff:

Mrs Woodward, Mrs Stevens, Miss Smith, Miss Baylis,  Miss Brand, Mrs Tozzi,                   Mrs Sturley, Mrs Flaxten, Miss Kelly and Miss Smith



Office Staff:

Mrs Warner, Mrs Langham and Mrs Neal


Premises Staff:

Caretaker- Mr Hide-Wright

Cleaners- Miss Smith,  Miss Brand, Miss Baylis, Miss Morgan and Miss Landy