What People Say About Southam Primary School

I’m so impressed with Southam Primary. During the first lockdown we felt very let down by our previous school. A neighbour showed us how Southam Primary were working and now we’re grateful to have a place here. Thanks for all your hard work!
Southam primary team have been absolutely amazing. Thank you everyone.

I couldn't ask for more from Southam primary everybody is working incredibly hard and it is very appreciated

I was very impressed by the amazing effort the school has put into making the home learning experience as positive as possible, an incredible amount of resources was shared together with work sheets, tips on how to use them with the children in order to keep the stimulated, and feedback for each submission.

Thank you for your commitment to our children and us parents, my experience was above and beyond expectation. 

The teachers have set really good work for the children and the added benefit of morning catch up and maths sessions has been great. Everyone has gone above and beyond to make the home learning as smooth as possible. Well done Southam Primary!!

The teachers have been extremely prepared for this lockdown and there are clear activities on the timetable that the children need to complete daily. My son enjoys the live sessions and I find he interacts better with these than paper activities.

The school have been amazing and offered a great deal of support. The teachers always respond quickly to messages and the work is put onto class dojo or online in advance. Putting the work onto the website has been useful. My child had particularly enjoyed the online lessons with the teacher and some more would be good although we appreciate this may be hard with juggling children that are in school.

The teachers are doing a fab job in these circumstances as well as running a classroom.

My son is really enjoying home schooling provided by Southam Primary School, lessons and planning are clear and thought-out.

The staff answer any questions we have quick and as soon as they can also.

Can't speak highly enough especially in the times were facing right now.

The teachers have done an incredible job to facilitate us parents with home learning. The Teams calls are a great starter to the day.

The morning abs afternoon check in on ms teams have been really good in addition to the work set on dojo. The weekly PowerPoint for maths abs English has been helpful.

Amazing support and guidance from Southam primary school.

We feel extremely lucky and appreciate all the efforts from all involved in this unique situation.

I think all the teaching staff of Southam Primary have been exemplary. The support they have provided the children and parents have been second to none. I'm so grateful to all of them.

The home learning provision is excellent, They have done so much in such a short time.

The headteacher at Southam Primary has been fantastic at keeping us up to date and informed as soon as she has known the changes that are happening.

My daughter attends school as both myself & husband are key workers. This week she has attended school 3 days & 2 days home learning. She’s enjoying her time at school but also engaged well with home learning. I’ve been really impressed with constant updates from Miss Longworth via ClassDojo .

Thank you all for doing such a great job during these uncertain times. I’m really happy with the school day during this lockdown- I think the teams check ins are a great idea.

The school have dealt with this situation amazingly changing the method of learning swiftly explaining everything to both parents and children to offer reassurance we are so lucky to be part of such a wonderful school community where the children always come first.

The teachers have done a brilliant job getting into Teams and providing a comprehensive timetable on Dojo as well.

Southam Primary has excelled in making sure the children feel safe in school and engage them in their learning so well and the home learning has been wonderful, with very clear guidance and the teams classes every day have been so lovely for her to see her class friends.

I feel the communication has been fantastic from all members of staff. Enough information is provided without feeling bombarded. The staff are always quick to respond to work posted on Tapestry and any messages on class dojo.

The amount of resources shared has been great. The weekly plan with activities and suggestion of tasks has been really good and helped to set the right expectations, without a continuous stream of posts on Class Dojo.

The teachers have been great at commenting on the work posted on Tapestry and have uploaded useful extras, like reading books of the appropriate level.

Thanks for hard work.

All the teachers have been fab with the setting of work and also the online teaching. When work is not understood they are very quick at helping us via class dojo. Miss Longworth has also been incredibly helpful, making sure we know all information and lending my child a laptop so he can access the online working. She is also very helpful when I have any questions, always replying to emails quickly. She has also been fab organising care for key-worker children (my child attends twice a week, as I’m a keyworker) and very informative regarding this. Thank you all so much.

All teachers are doing an amazing job tho thank you so much

We have found all staff to be excellent communicators and really appreciate their approach and the effort they have clearly put into making the best of the current rubbish situation we are in. We are feeling grateful that our daughter is at this school and being so well looked after.

Mrs Taylor is a phenomenal teacher, she’s giving students and parents incredible support, despite being pregnant and working through a pandemic that has been truly hard on all teaching staff. Miss Longworth is also phenomenal. Cannot praise the school enough. Thank you!

The communication and efforts of the staff have been outstanding. It is obvious staff are working well and above their set hours in difficult circumstances.

All the teachers are doing a fab job. Everything you do is greatly appreciated.

I can not fault the school with any of the processes put in place and they have my full admiration.

Communication is faultless. My child feels supported and encouraged in his learning, as do I. Their ability to teach in a completely different way is to be admired.

I find the meetings in the morning and afternoon are fantastic and encourage my son to work hard at home. He loves to see his friends and speak to his teacher who he misses. Southam Primary is such a fantastic school as the teachers are amazing with the children.