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2017- 2018

2017- 2018 Attendance Leader Board

Autumn Term 1 - Peacock and Owl Class with 99.1%

Autumn Term 2 - Peacock Class with 98.7%

Spring Term 1- Puffin Class with 98%

Spring Term 2- Golden Eagle Class with 98.8%

Summer Term 1- Golden Eagle Class with 98.1%

Summer Term 2- Heron Class with 98.2%


100% Attendance Superstars 2017- 2018!

Oliver, Jake, Archie, Alex, Zoe, Lillie, Calum, Charlie, Jemma, Grace, Jack, Ben, Jenson, Joseph, Amelia, Leo, Ada, Kody and Brandon


Mid Year 100% Attendance Superstars 2017– 2018

Congratulations to the following children who have managed to achieve 100% attendance from 4th September up to the 16th February .

Keira, Scarlett, Alessa, Ella, Daisy, Sophie, Amalan, Henry, Ada, Kody, Noah, Harry, Dillon, Ruby, Bobby, Ruby, Jenson, Joseph, Lucy, Amelia, Leo, Farrah, Gracie, Charlotte, Isobel, Brandon, Kumaran, Stan, Vinnie, Connor, Kiera, Ryan, Oliver, Jake, Archie, Alex, Lilly, Hannah, Grace, Lily, Oliver, Jack, Zoe, Ted, Lillie, Dempsie, Calum, Joshua, Charlie, Jemma, Grace, Libby, Ben, Cassidy and Sam.

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