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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Head teacher- Miss Longworth

Deputy head teacher- Miss Startup

Reception classes-  Miss Hiles and Mrs Hindley

Year 1/ 2 Classes-  Mrs and Mrs McCubbin, Mrs Davies and Miss Startup

Year 3/4 classes- Mrs Price, Mrs Allen covering Mrs Reed's maternity leave, Miss Taylor and Mrs Heath

Year 5/6 classes- Mr Dawes, Mr Willis and

 Miss Holmes


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Morgan, Mrs Lucas, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Nixon,  Mrs Neal, Mrs Woodward, Mrs Howes, Mrs Breeze, Miss Reeves , Mrs Humphrey, Mrs Fennell, Mrs Dhanesh, Mrs  Spence and Mrs Mullen


Lunchtime staff:

Mrs Woodward, Mrs Stevens,  Mrs Wadey, Miss Smith, Miss Baylis, Mrs Penny, Miss Walker, Mrs Sturley, Mrs Howes, Miss Moore and Mrs Dhanesh



Office Staff:

Mrs Warner, Mrs Langham and Mrs Neal


Premise Staff:

Caretaker- Mr Callow

Cleaners- Mrs Smith, Mrs Tracey, Miss Smith and Miss Bayliss