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Reading Challenge Superstars

Congratulations to the following children who achieved their challenge of reading for at least five times every week to an adult.


Gold Award (presented to children who have read for at least 5 times per week for three terms) :



Silver Award (presented to children who have read for at least 5 times per week for two terms):



Bronze Award (presented to children who have read for at least 5 times per week for one term):



Summer Term 2

Summer Term 1

Spring Term 2

Spring Term 1

Autumn Term 2

Butterfly Class:

Ladybird Class:

Penguin Class:

Puffin Class:

Heron Class:

Toucan Class:

Red Kite Class:

Owl Class:

Kestrel Class:

Golden Eagle Class:

Peacock Class:


Autumn Term 1

Butterfly Class: Bella-Grace, Connor, Emma, Evie, Harry, James, Ava and Jessie

Ladybird Class: Christopher, Elysia, Evie, Robyn, Thanoojan, Rosie, Kyle, Rory, Oscar, Isaac and Ryley

Penguin Class: Jayden, Bethan, Josh, Freddie, Keira, Logan, Eddie, Rex, Jessica, Ethan, Reggie, Daisy, Alfie, Isabella, Violet, Jack, Charlie and Sophie

Puffin Class: Tyrese, Isabelle, Tyler, Isabelle, Joshua, Noah, Scarlett, James, Evie, Ella, Kody, Sienna and Stiaan

Heron Class: Jaxon, Farrah, Jensen, Alana and Amy

Toucan Class: Jenson, Ben, Joshua, Ethan, Oliver, Ella, Lexi, Finlay, Laynie, Summer, Alli, Joseph and Isabel

Red Kite Class: Ada, Alice, Logan, Seb, Liam and Bethan

Owl Class: William, Grace, Tudor, Ana, Joseph, Isabella, Charlotte, Harvey, Taylor, Connor, Jake, Ruby, Miranda, Poppy, Cassius and Jayden

Kestrel Class: Rhiannon, Kiera, Jack, Toby, Lillie, Olivia, Daniel, Leon, Daniel, Oliver, Lily-Mai, Emese, George, Jack and Ben

Golden Eagle Class: Carrick, Ryan, Minty, William, Belinda, Maya, Emily, Stan, Cameron, Lana, Brandon, Edith and Ana

Peacock Class: Freddie, Finn, Jayden, Cadence, Oliver, Niamh, Sam, Cassidy, Jack, May, Courtney, Laura, Charlie, Joss, Alex and Lily



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