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2015- 2016

2015- 2016 Attendance Leader Board

Autumn term 1- Ladybird Class with 99.8%

Autumn term 2- Toucan Class with 99.8%

Spring term 1- Kestrel Class with 99.4%

Spring term 2- Red Kite Class with 98.8%

Summer term 1- Puffin Class with 98.8%

Summer term 2- Hummingbird Class with 98.3%


Children Who Achieved 100% Attendance 2015- 2016

Bethan, Miranda, Lexi, Jack, Maya, Niamh, Alex, Erin, Ruben, Tia, Zoe, Thomas, Oliver, Charley, Eleanor, Tom, Ben, Libby, Daniel, Joshua, Emese, Kashaya, Callum, Tom, Ben, Sam, Max, Brandon, Chelsea and Jenny


Mid-Year 100% ers

Children who have achieved 100% attendance at this mid-year point were also presented with certificates in recognition of this achievement :

Ladybirds: Jenson, Kyson, Ruby

Butterflies: Amelia, Joseph, Joshua, Melodie, Bethan, Isabelle

Penguins: Poppy, Jacob, Miranda, Lexi, Taio, Vinnie, Liam, Jack

Hummingbirds: Laura, Maya

Puffins: Brandon, Niamh, Sophia, Kymani, Alex

Ravens: Libby, Erin, Ruben, Nyasha, Tia, Zoe, Thomas, Oliver, Charley, Eleanor

Toucans: Tom, William, Ben, Calum, Grace, Libby, Jay

Herons: Eleanor, Samuel, Charlie, Daniel, Millie, Joshua, Charlie, Emese

Red Kites: Kashaya, Charlie, Jamie, Libby, Callum, Lorna, Tom

Kestrels: Oliver, Cole, Ben, Sam, Abigail, Max

Golden Eagles: Keira, Archie, Ellis

Peacocks: Brandon, Summer, Chelsea, Jenny, Grace